Shutter DAO 0x36 Delegates List

Shutter DAO 0x36 Delegates List

The genesis allocations claiming smart contracts require activating the vesting schedule of the tokens, which allows you to delegate the voting power equal to the whole amount of tokens in the vesting schedule. This delegation effectively gives the delegate increased voting power in the number of the delegating address’s tokens. Delegation of voting power can be canceled at any point.

In this post, you can find a list of individuals/entities that have signaled their interest in acting as a delegate for the Shutter Network community, voting on the Shutter DAO proposals with their voting power.

The list is intended to be an inclusive, open list to which anyone can submit their desire to act as a delegate.

If you wish to nominate yourself as a delegate, please post your nomination in the DAO Delegates category following this template.

Nominated delegate participation

(Dates counted as eligible to vote on a proposal start from the time of posting a delegate nomination post.)

Delegate Name Eligible Fractal Votes Fractal Votes Eligible Snapshot Votes Snapshot Votes Participation Rate
d1xia 15 11 16 11 70.97%
DAOplomats 15 5 16 12 54.84%
Jacob Czepluch 14 12 10 10 91.67%
Kleros Labs 14 11 16 10 70.00%
Lanski 14 6 15 4 34.48%
Mikko Ohtamaa 15 5 16 9 45.16%
Philippe Schommers 15 0 16 0 0% :warning:
Spencer 15 12 16 15 87.10%

List of nominated delegates

(In alphabetical order)



Jacob Czepluch

Kleros Labs


Mikko Ohtamaa

Philippe Schommers :warning: (See Nominated delegate participation above)

5pence.eth or Spencer